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Four Years

Summer 2010-Graduated High school

Summer 2014-Graduated college

Summer 2016-Opened a business

"Was opening a dance studio or your own business your dream?" Not exactly

Entrepreneur, was a "job" for the class president or the extremely driven kid in high school, not me. Starting a business was something that I had never had in my "options" when choosing what to do after high school. Senior year, day after day, you sit on the computer taking all of these personality tests and attending meetings with your counselor to help you choose the next step. Did I love to dance? Well, obviously but that was never a realistic job. We danced every night through our childhood but weren't encouraged to think that dance could be a job or even a career. So now that dance is crossed out, what's left? All of my personality tests showed that I should choose a major that I would be able to help people in someway? In 2010, I graduated highschool not knowing exactly what career I wanted but wanted to pursue psychology because I loved helping by talking to people to help them feel encouraged...

So I went to college and loved studying psychology! Learning the way people thought about things and how people's behaviors could be modified was fascinating to me. One class that I really connected to was my adolescent psychology class. Studying the minds of teenagers were so complicated but also so intriguing. Ironically, this is the same class that I started my field work at Danceography for. I thought I found my perfect match in life, "helping" teenagers. I decided I wanted to be a school psychologist to be that one person that these adolescents could lean on, trust and help guide them through the most crucial years of their lives. In 2014, I graduated college in pursue to become a school psychologists.

Well, things don't work that easily as if this is any surprise these days. You go to college when they say, "You only need a bachelors degree". By the time you graduate, you're completely broke and they are now saying, "You need a doctorate". So now what do I do? Go back to school to add onto the thousand dollars I pay monthly for my student loans or figure out life for a bit? I loved studying but I couldn't fathom the idea of adding onto my loans, so I figured out life. I secured a job as a daycare teacher which was a great schedule to be able to still teach dance; but I couldn't stop there.

In 2016, I opened Danceography of Syracuse. After years and months of thinking and contemplating, I knew this was what I was trying to accomplish in life. I had tried out for more professional dance teams, I had interviewed for better jobs and I had also looked into going back to school to be a dance therapist. All of these careers would ask me the same things, why do you want this? I would answer "I want to be the one person that can change their outlook on life". I never realized that's what I was doing by being a dance teacher. I didn't have to do all of these other "options" when I was living my dream by being able to help children feel great about themselves and find inner strength through being a dance teacher. I never thought I would choose to be a dance teacher as my career but it chose me. There are days that we aren't working on technique and may look like we are just standing around but there is a concept about themselves that we are working on. I want all of my student's to have more self confidence, work together even when they don't know each other, learn how to encourage others, become aware of how important our health is and most importantly learn that you can dream to be anything!

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