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2023 Performance

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Hello Parents & Families,

I'm writing to announce our 2023 June Performance!  The kids are beginning to prepare for this final performance of the year.


I'm excited to announce the official performance date of Sunday, June 4th at Sharkey's Event Center in Liverpool, NY!

As you read the following, please keep in mind, many specific details regarding the performance, such as costume choice, performance photos, rehearsal week, scheduling for individual dance numbers, will be communicated in the following months.

After the conclusion of last year’s 2022 Performance at Sharkey’s Event Center, we received many compliments and positive feedback about the performance. After much consideration, we have decided to continue our partnership with Sharkey’s Event Center to hold our 2023 performance there. 


Venue Enhancements

The venue and the teachers of the studio have been working together to provide an even better experience. The stage was rebuilt this year to not only be wider but is also enclosed to prevent any weather from intruding. The event center has also presented us with a faster and easier option to dine during the performance with a food tent rather than individual orders.

A venue decision is not made without months of planning, preparing, consideration, and evaluation.  As you may know we evaluate the following requirements:

  • Date availability 

  • Capacity (160 students plus 2+ guests per student at a minimum)

  • Increased & unplanned costs to parents (Your tuition costs in addition to fundraisers help pay for the performances)

In addition to the requirements, I take many other factors into consideration, including:

  • A venue that will allow for weather changes, so we do not have a rain date

  • A private show for 2 separate dance studios (Syracuse and Utica will perform on the same day but not at the same time)

  • A stage that is viewable to the audience

  • A large and safe dance floor surface

  • A family-friendly location

I’m happy to say that Sharkeys meets all of the above considerations, and we now have an existing partnership to build upon for these great enhancements.

Performance Date & Time

DOCUSE’s past performances have been held on a Sunday for convenience to families in an effort to avoid the summer events that typically occur on Saturdays. The performance is planned to start at 11:00am at this time.

On the day of the recital, we will be performing a studio wide warm up, an award ceremony mid-performance, and a finale.

To address potential concerns:

  • If the student’s performance is scheduled for the 2nd half of the show, you do not need to report until that time.

  • The performance will end by 3 or 4 pm, ensuring a reasonable time home for all kiddos.

  • If you feel your child cannot stay for the finale, you are able to leave after the completion of your child's dance number.

  • It is not mandatory to be present for all 3 planned activities (warm up, award ceremony & finale)

Upcoming Timeline


-Start choreograph for each of the classes

-Measuring the students for performance costumes


-Costume deposits will be billed ($20 for each class)


-Continue with choreography and try on costumes as they come in


-Rehearsal week (kids will come in and do a full costume rehearsal during their class time)


-Performance will take place on the 4th

-Movie premier week will be the following week where we show the video of the performance and celebrate their hard work

-You will only be charged for half of the month for June instead of the whole month this year.  

If you feel that your child needs to opt-out of the performance, please contact me no later than February 15, 2023.  Please understand that we soon will begin teaching performances, and changes to class attendance will result in further change to the performance numbers.

As we continue to grow together, I would greatly appreciate you coming to me directly with your questions, concerns, comments, and feedback - both positive and negative - so we can continue to build a wonderful, fun, and safe experience for our dancers. I will always come from a place of openness, love, care, and appreciation for your children.  They are the reason I do what I do!


Please reach out to me at:


6195 State Route 31, 

Cicero, NY 13039


Thank you,


Miss Tess

"The girls can't stop smiling from the performance! It was a quick drive right off the thruway. Great air conditioned dressing rooms for the girls, food and drinks available for purchase and plenty of covered seating. The girls ate up the Danceography tent that had a bunch of goodies like performance flowers, t-shirts and teddy bears. I loved having the front rows cycle for each performance so everyone can get up close and personal for their own kids. (Granted you can see pretty good from everywhere). Also you can leave after your performance if you would like to hit up destiny for an extra special treat. It was a great experience and the kids were so glad to be back up on stage."
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