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2023 Performance

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Frequently asked questions!

During Performance Questions
Can I take photos and video tape?
Yes, you are more than welcome to take photos and video tape! Please be aware not to post any photos or videos of other children without their consent. 

When and how should we arrive?
Please arrive no earlier than a half hour before your child dances. No one will be let in until a half hour before the performance starts. You can change into your costume there but please have your hair and make up done prior to arriving. (Hair/make ideas)

If my dancer performs closer to the end of the show or is only in one number in the beginning, do we have to be stay?
Absolutely not, we know children get antsy so you can leave after your number or arrive 30 mins before your number and also be able to enjoy the day! 

When should I bring my child to the side of the stage?
3 numbers before her dance! Take a look at the program ahead of time to map out during what dances you need to start directing your dancer to the LEFT side of the stage. You will pick them up on the right after their dance. 

Does my dancer stay with me or are they staying somewhere else?
They stay with you! We have recreated the normal recital space in a way that is more family friendly and makes the kids feel more comfortable. 

Are there dressing rooms?
Yes! Downstairs of the restaurant there are air conditioned dressing rooms that you can change in and also leave your labeled costumes there. There are NO MALES allowed down there. There will be signs to follow for the dressing room. 

Who do I ask if I have a question the day of performance?
Please try to ask/email/Facebook any questions ahead of time. Miss Tess and the teachers will not be able to answer any questions the day of. There will be a variety of volunteers with name tags that you can ask and will direct you to someone who would know. 

Venue Questions
Do I need to purchase tickets?
Yes, everyone needs a wristband ticket besides the dancers and children under the age of 3
Everyone must be wearing their wristband upon entry 
Make sure to hand out wristbands prior to performance or we will not let them in

Will tickets be available at the door?
If we haven't sold out yet. They will be $10, exact cash only. Please plan ahead

Is there parking?
Yes, there is parking and if there is anyone that can't walk great you can let them off by the door with their wristband

Will there be food sold?
Yes, Sharkeys will be selling food and drinks. Please be aware that we are a large event and to plan around your dances and be patient 

"The girls can't stop smiling from the performance! It was a quick drive right off the thruway. Great air conditioned dressing rooms for the girls, food and drinks available for purchase and plenty of covered seating. The girls ate up the Danceography tent that had a bunch of goodies like performance flowers, t-shirts and teddy bears. I loved having the front rows cycle for each performance so everyone can get up close and personal for their own kids. (Granted you can see pretty good from everywhere). Also you can leave after your performance if you would like to hit up destiny for an extra special treat. It was a great experience and the kids were so glad to be back up on stage."
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