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Birthday Parties

Join us at Danceography of Syracuse to celebrate your birthday! A 45-min dance party specialized towards the birthday star's wishes. Whether they want to learn a combination or play games to their favorite songs, we will make sure they have a lot of fun! After the dancing is done, there will be 45-min remaining in the party that is available to eat, open presents and have cake! A quick and easy way to celebrate a birthday where the kids will love to have fun and party!

$200(Danceography students),$250(non-danceography students) for 10-15 children

You will provide: Pizza or a snack, cake, tablecloths and decorations

We will provide: instructor, table, chairs, cleaning services after 

$50 for every additional half hour, $10 for any additional child

Please contact us to book your party today!

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