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The order I chose to take

There is never a "Perfect" way to do anything, especially starting a business. After I came to the conclusion of "Okay, I'm actually doing this" I had to figure out what route to take that would benefit the most.

My main priority was that I didn't want the families that I was already working with at Danceography(New Hartford)to feel like I was leaving them up in the air! I wanted to announce to everyone at the same time and explain that what I had started is what I will be finishing. This worked great! Everyone watched the live video and each class had a chance to come in and ask me questions of anything that they may have been worried able. I was able to reassure everyone that I would be here till the end of the year and that I will always be their Miss Tess!

This year, I had committed to a full time job that I work from 7am-3pm and devoted to teach dance 3 days a week at Danceography (New Hartford). Therefore, My schedule only left me a couple of hours during the week and the weekends to get everything I needed to do get done. I had to use every penny and every minute that I could get!

Why didn't I buy a space before I announced I was opening a studio? I get this question a lot and i'm glad I've had the chance to be able to explain. I would have been paying on a space that I was only able to spend a couple of hours in per week. That's like buying a house but only being able to eat breakfast in it, its unrealistic and bad planning. I also had to keep the website, phone number, social media, and everything a secret until I could tell the families myself. With that came no advertisement for the studio in order to keep my secret. Keeping a secret, especially on the internet is impossible for people not to find!!

Now that the announcement has passed, I've been desperately trying to lock in a space. I've been visiting places before I had announced but again, my schedule was against me. I need a family friendly area, a lot of parking, a loving town, and a room that is able to dance in...It's been impossible. But, something is in the mix right now=) My plan is to open within the next couple of months and have the summer to finish the construction that is needed, paint the walls, put the mirrors up and flooring in. For the reason that I was able to announce and advertise before I had a space, I now have some students that are already looking into coming and trying out classes!

I am so eager to meet more students and families!It will be so fun going out to the community and getting to spread the message of Danceography!

P.S. There will be drop-In classes on Thursday's and FREE dance Friday's once we are open!! Keep a look out, there is a lot of fun in store!

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