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The start of it all

Everyone meet miss Amanda!

Miss Amanda is the owner of Danceography and the greatest mentor I could ask for. While I was in college in 2012, I had sent Amanda a message in pursuing to do field work at the studio that she had just opened. I was so excited to hear back from her right away and she filled her response with exclamation points that I knew things were going to be great!! When I went in to met her, she welcomed me with a hug like we've known each other forever. With central New York being small, we both had remembered each other from various competitions even though we had never competed against each other. We sat there talking about expectations, goals, and what was going on in our lives.

6 years later, and nothing has changed. We sit together and talk about whats happening in our crazy lives, our futures we wish to achieve and Danceography. A couple months ago, we were sitting there chatting and I mentioned to Amanda that I wanted to look into opening a Danceography in Syracuse. I was nervous at first and I am not sure why. Amanda opened the door for me and has always let me run with any idea I have had. She has been such a great supporter that I shouldn't have thought this would be any different. She said that she had felt honored which is exactly what I wanted her to feel.

Amanda has taught me how to love dance in a different way than I ever had before. When learning how to dance or how to be an instructor, Amanda will shower anyone with such positive energy that you feel amazing when you leave. She has an incredible heart and wants to show everyone love and support, and she does. Through Danceography, she teaches not only how to dance but how to enjoy dance.

My goal is to spread what Amanda has taught me into the Syracuse area. I want to spread the message of Danceography and to build our family. I can't wait for all of you to meet her and see how much of an incredible woman she is!

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