All About Our Dance Studio During COVID-19

Dance Better. Live Better.

During this time, the facility of Danceography of Syracuse is closed but the business is still running! All regular scheduled classes are being held through Zoom. Please email Miss Tess if you are unsure when your child's class is held and the meeting id. A discounted tuition is still due as classes are being held. If you are having a hard time paying tuition, please contact us as soon as possible. 

As for the June Performance, I will be posting updates here. WE WILL BE PERFORMING THE DANCES WE HAVE PREPARED. The performance may not be in the same setting as we prepared them for but they will be performed. Costumes are being delivered once they are paid for. 

Dance is a team sport in which each child rely's on another child to be there. It is very important to be encouraging the children to continue with their classes. A lot of families implemented practicing their dance in their daily schedule. Their dance is on our youtube channel, search Danceography of Syracuse! Create a prize after their class, let them wear a costume, have them set up an audience or do it with them!



6195 State Route 31 #16 
Cicero, NY 13039