All About Our Dance Studio During COVID-19

Dance Better. Live Better.

From March through July, the facility of Danceography of Syracuse was closed but the business was still running! All regular scheduled classes were being held through Zoom. A discounted tuition was applied and a variety of extra classes were provided!

Danceography of Syracuse was the first central New York dance studio able to put on a performance while holding all social distancing guidelines! Each student put on their costume, danced on their own stage, and had a smile that shined through the trees of our outside performance! You can now purchase the video and help support the studio through these times with the link below!


After having a very successful performance, on July 6th we were finally able to reopen!

Here are our procedures for coming into class:

-Student's will enter with a mask on and are required to dance with one on. Miss Tess will be wearing a mask to teach.

-Parent's are required to wear a mask while entering and/or entering and exiting. Parent's are recommended to leave during classes.

-Miss Tess will spray each of the student's hands before coming onto the floor. 

-If they are in a group class, they will have designated spots to dance in that will have more than 6 ft between them.

-Each parent of a student will be asked to sign the consent waiver/instructions form.

Please let Miss Tess know if there are any other requests to make sure your dancer feels safe!