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2021 Summer Schedule

Please email Miss Tess on any questions


4:00 Creative Movement (3-4 yrs) FULL!

4:30 Tap (5-8 yrs)

5:00 Ballet (5-8yrs) FULL

5:30 Jazz (5-8 yrs) FULL

6:00 Hip hop (5-8yrs) FULL

6:30 Creative Movement (3-4yrs) FULL

7:00 Tap (9-11 yrs)

7:30 Hip hop(9-11yrs)


4:00 BOOKED!

4:30 Mommy and Me (1-3 yrs)
5:00 Mommy and Me ( 1-3 yrs) FULL
5:30 BOOKED!
6:00 BOOKED!
6:30 Ballet (5-7yrs)

What is create your own private lesson?

This is a half an hour lesson constructed around your requests! You can choose the style, you can choose weekly or every other week, you can use it as a one-on-one or choose some friends to join. Children must be returning students and over the age of 5!


4:00 Jazz (9-11 yrs)

4:30 Ballet (9-11 yrs)

5:00 Hip hop (12 and up)

5:30 Tap (12 and up)

6:00 Lyrical (12 and up)

6:30 Jazz (12 and up)

7:00-8:00 Turns and Leaps (12 and up, dance experience needed)

Registration: List

Please fill out the following form to enroll your child in our 2021 summer dance session! After we have received your registration form, we will send you an invoice for the session.

This 6-week session runs from July 12th through August 19th!

1 class - $55

2 classes- $85

3 classes- $100

4 classes- $120

*Prices cover the entire 6-week session

Summer day camps will be announced at a later time

Thanks for registering!

Registration: Contact
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